So Are You A Responsible Dog Owner Or Is There Room To Improve  ?

So many of us feel we are the best most responsible dog owners but could we improve this in any way ?

It is so easy when thinking about buying or even owning a dog to think you know exactly what good and responsible dog ownership really means. Some dog owners do and some don’t so it’s never a bad thing to remind ourselves about what this can entail. Can we improve the way we think when owning a dog? Probably the answer is yes, there’s usually room for improvement in most things!

It is easy to underestimate how challenging and restrictive owning a dog can be whilst looking forward to all the positives, when we see those gorgeous little puppies that we just can’t wait to get home and show off so it’s wise to remember what it really takes to be a good dog owner for many years after bringing that little puppy home.

So we hope this little guide may help even if there’s one point you maybe haven’t previously considered then that’s great!

 At Yellow Dog UK they promote good and responsible dog ownership and they fully support the Blue Cross dog safety programme. There are some basic’s that most good dog owners all follow and our little friends need every day…

  1. Provide proper care & nutrition – always have fresh clean water, a balanced diet and necessary vet checks.
  2. Provide a safe and comfortable living environment, not leaving your dog for long periods of time alone.
  3. Provide regular exercise and stimulation
  4. Provide socialization
  5. Provide love &friendship
  6. Provide grooming & good hygiene – nice showers or baths and brushing
  7. Provide dog collar, tag or microchip so your dog can be found if lost

Other efforts could include, if you can support dog initiatives and help to educate others about dogs, all the better. Whether this just begins with teaching children how to interact and behave with dogs, that is a good starting point so that they grow up to be caring animal lovers and owners too,.

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