Reflect and Reimagine: An Exceptional Listening Experience on NickGCherryDot’s The Perfect Storm

Emerging rock artist, NickGCherryDot, is ready to unveil the emotional tumult of his latest work into the world with the imminent release of his new album, The Perfect Storm. 

A 12-track project, written and self-produced by the prolific musician, The Perfect Storm encapsulates the deeply-rooted and personal struggles he has endured over the past 4 years. Lead single, The Perfect Storm, encapsulates these struggles through a soundscape reflective of the alternative and classic rock genres. 

Melodic progressions of electric guitars merge with a warm and ambient tone, as NickGCherryDot’s phased vocals passionately commandeer the single throughout. Drawing influence from both shoegaze and ambient music, the single stands tall as a representation of the artist’s work and tonal palette. The bummer-rock-style album saw its formation in the wake of a tumultuous period of NickGCherryDot’s life, which saw an abrupt breakdown of his marriage, a move to a strange city, no job, no friends and a late diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. 

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These moments and hardships are reflected in each song, serving as an audio-photo album that displays, in vivid detail, the personal journey of overcoming Once these hardships have been channeled in The Perfect Storm, they’re given a bright and thought-provoking canvas to work with. Like a true auteur, NickGCherryDot unites all the eclectic instruments and ingredients at his disposal to craft a powerful work of art and reflection. And it’s with this reflection, this passionate transmutation of events that once shaped his life, that The Perfect Storm shines most vibrantly. The Perfect Storm is Palm & Stars’ most personal and imaginative work to date. For fans of Beatles-era rock and alternative rock, as well as Supergrass and Ocean Colour Scene, the album should not be missed. 

The Perfect Storm will be available across all streaming platforms and stores on 15/09/23. Let The Perfect Storm lead you through a jagged and beautiful journey of reflection.

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