How Do You Find The Best Dog Leads & Accessories For Your Pets ?

All dog lovers always have a sneaky eye open keen to buy new dog accessories or dog toys for our pets. We just can’t resist and  it’ such unavoidable pleasure and certainly leads and collars are always on our most wanted lists! So whilst it is always fun to get the topical birthday or Christmas themed gifts for our little four legged friends it is also so important to us all to find the best, most practical and most useful dog leads and dog collars. There are so many on the dog market that it can be difficult to know which is best but this little tip may help some.

At Yellow Dog charity they do their  best to provide quality accessories to help all dogs and their Yellow Dog’s and their owners from dog lead covers, cravats, vests and tabard’s to their recently award nominated double handled dog lead. It is so useful to appreciate there are actually awards for these kinds of products and so we can trust their professional judgment.

Pet Quip is the international trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of pet care goods and services and they will be celebrating the best of the best at their Pet Quip Awards in October 2024. Yellow Dog are proud to be involved with this event and to have our ‘I NEED SPACE’, double handle 1.5m dog lead nominated. This particular lead is made of thick soft heavy duty nylon webbing with the wording ‘I NEED SPACE’ each side embroidered in black lettering ensuring this important message will not ever fade but hopefully your best friends anxiety will. The lead also has two padded easy grip soft handles, which provides increased comfort and security on dog walks, especially if your dog is stronger or energetic. As there are two handles it gives you increased control so that the shorter handle loop enables you to hold your dog closer near traffic or when passing other dogs or people.  This double handle lead also helps in training if your dog is prone to pulling, providing gentle corrections when needed, whilst also giving you a good length lead for when you feel comfortable to let your dog have more of a run.

It is great to see these products and appreciate the thought and care that goes into helping dog owners enjoy the best dog life with their pet. These kind of pet products can make such a difference to your dog walk, creating a feeling of control for you which will inevitably feed to your dog and this relaxed relationship will benefit you both on your dog walks, making the whole business so much more enjoyable. The confidence accessories like this provide is unvaluable for all pet owners, so have a look at these award nominations and hopefully you will find the perfect accessory for your dog too.

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