How To Train Your Dog

It is  rather a worrying fact that anyone can identify as a dog trainer because there are no laws or expectations for education, qualifications, training or standards of practice, so pretty much anyone can call themselves a dog trainer these days. This is something many organizations have been campaigning for change for many years and really does seem quite worrying that it is a fact.

Most people are probably completely unaware of this fact but it is certainly something to be aware of when you step out into the world of trying to train both yourself, family and dog.  There are definitely so many tips and hints on how to have the perfectly trained dog from TV shows to news reports so its no surprise we can get confused.

Many of us rely on dog trainers and training paddocks to take our dogs for advice and tips. We are entrusting our dogs and our confidence in these people and are of course looking for help. This isn’t to say we need to doubt all dog trainers as obviously there are some excellent ones out there but it is always worth doing your research and finding out as much as you can about the dog trainer and centers you choose. Some of the initial points are about using humane treatment with dog training and not allowing the use of things like prong collars. Also working towards a ‘Gold Standard’ withing the industry.

Whilst researching dog training there is much we can learn from online tips.

A well-trained dog benefits humans and dogs alike by enhancing the bond between animal and owner. And well-behaved dogs are less likely to be relinquished too.’  Most dog owners are only too aware of the fact that if they and the dog are well trained with good habits, owning, and walking your dog is so much more enjoyable for both you and others. No one wants to fear other dogs or your own dog’s reactions.  The Kennel Club’s canine code highlights many useful tips for dog owners to initially be aware of .

Nevertheless it is always so useful to have a good dog trainer who can instil confidence into both owner and dog and give advice on how to control or improve your dog’s behaviour as well as creating good environments for your dog to socialise in.

Charities like Yellow Dog also have tips on how to train your dog and are also accredited as a supporting member of the association of The Animal Behaviour and Training Council.

So the overall advice is to be knowledgeable and aware that you do need to research, ask others for reviews and be selective over the dog trainers you choose for you and your best friend, so that you can all have fun and enjoy your time together.

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