Take a Trip Back in Time with Night Hymns’ ‘Desert Song”

We are proud to introduce to you the latest release from Vancouver based solo artist Night Hymns. Entitled “Desert Song”, it is a perfect blend of classic 90s Brit Pop sensibilities a la The Kinks, the Beatles and Oasis, with a decidedly modern twist akin to the innovative style of greats such as The Rolling Stones. 

Desert Song can only be described as an absolute classic. With an immaculate acoustic performance consisting of a brilliant, moody guitar accompanied by energizing drum work, the track takes us back to a time of musical innovation, in the way that only Wei Chunxiao can. 

The accompanying video, filmed as a home-shot ‘live’ performance, further accentuates the beauty of this simple yet captivating track. Akin to a true modern-day storyteller, Night Hymns has done a wonderful job of capturing his inimitable wanderlust, with all its accompanying curiosities and hues. The inspirations for this remarkable creation are all too relatable and reach out to music lovers around the world: “Sitting around and strumming the guitar in Vancouver, I’m just writing to reach people who are into this kind of music. Don’t know where they are but they got to be somewhere…”. The result is nothing short of incredible: a tune that captures a genuine love and appreciation for the act of creating music. For those of you who love the nostalgia of the 90s yet crave something with a more contemporary sound, Desert Song is a must-listen.

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