An Intense Musical Experience: Check out SHSH’s Latest Single Homeopsychopathy!

Introducing SHSH – The Lithuanian Metal Heroes Taking the World by Storm! With a sound so big it takes a crane to lift, a love of wild costumes and characters, and a mission to take on the metal scene, Lithuania’s SHSH are a force to be reckoned with. 

Metal Hammer calls this exciting thrash metal band ‘one of the wildest, most unique things to hit thrash metal in years’ and ‘a dizzying, full-throttle blast of modern metal,’ and we couldn’t agree more! Formed in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2017, SHSH started life as a ‘diss’ track project to have some fun and experiment with different musical styles. However, the band’s mischievous attitude, theatrical live performances, catchy riffs, and comedic takes on darker topics quickly gained them local support, and now their music is ready to take the world by storm! 

Their first album, Atshiaurusis, was released back in 2017 while all the members of SHSH were still in high school, and their steady growth in Lithuania has finally brought them to the UK and beyond with the release of their single Homeopsychopathy from their new album The Great Paradise of Tomorrow. The five-piece band draw influence from a wide range of thrash metal bands such as Megadeth, Carcass, Exodus, and Havok, but they’ve also taken the genre to the next level with their wild superhero-like alter-egos. Lead guitarist Mastermind (conspiratorial, scheming, headstrong and passionate) is the bandleader and songwriter, whilst vocalist/saxophonist Saxocutioner (playful, flamboyant, and wild) is the playful face of the band. Edgelord (violent, edgy, and short-tempered) also provides some brutal riffs alongside rhythm guitarist Riot (intimidating, clumsy, and kind), as well as bassist Mr. Lead (laid back and cool).

These five characters and their collective love of music make SHSH a truly unique proposition. In their own words, “We are currently working on an intentionally edgy metal movement – “Kill alt/indie”, which claims that the current music scene and metal festivals have been consumed by “lazy and pretentious alternative and indie rock bands that all sound the same.” So spread the word far and wide – SHSH’s mischievous and fresh take on thrash metal is making waves around the world, and you don’t want to miss it. 

Their single Homeopsychopathy from The Great Paradise of Tomorrow is out now – so go grab it and make sure to check out their wild, theatrical live performances for an even more intense metal experience.

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