How Can Dog Owners Help Bring Down The Rising Number of Dog Attacks ?

The discussions of what can be done to limit the number of reported dog attacks is an ever growing one. These attacks are not just to other dogs and people but also being highlighted in the horse world too where a rider in a park fell from her horse after being chased by a loose dog.

Yellow Dog UK representative Alison Gibson-Stark recently attended the latest APDAWG meeting – which she found very interesting and reporting back has inspired us to talk about this important issue concerning dog charities and dog issues. This particular meeting was specifically about looking for solutions regarding the increase of dog bites in the UK, which is sadly something increasing every day.  The APDAWG is an all party parliamentary group set up to “explore, highlight, discuss and challenge dog-related activities, legislation, and trends with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare of the UK’s dogs and dog owners, and society in general’.

With the Met police recent reports that they are having to face at least one dangerous dog incident a day. This is a worrying and very sad statistic for all dog lovers to have to hear about and something we all want to address and hopefully help to decrease this problem. It is now reported that severe dog attacks have increased by a frightening 46% in the past five years, with many of these involving children. A recent poll conducted by the Mirror showed that many wanted to ban particular breeds that are often at the centre of these attacks and others were keen for overall better education about dogs, beginning at school. Discussions on training, compulsory muzzles for certain breeds, education continue and hopefully good will come of these meetings and discussions, to make all owners aware of their responsibilities as a dog owner, whatever dog breed that may be.

As a nation of dog lovers, this is a worrying growing problem that all dog owners need to help solve.

Any dog can potentially be unpredictable and could change their mind at any moment regarding their reactions so this must always be considered. It is also not only the worry and legal implications of dog attacks on humans but of course other animals from dogs to sheep. All owners need to be consistently in control of their dogs and if they are free and of lead, then  their recall needs to be perfect. We owe this to our dogs, to others and ourselves to help these dog attack statistics reduce. The law does state that it is against the law to let a dog be out of control anywhere, causing injury or even if an owner thinks they or their dog could be injured, this includes public places and homes and applies to all dogs. Flouting this law can incur up to 6 months in prison with the dog being destroyed. These are consequences no one wants – so let’s help to keep our dogs safe and happy and get these worrying stats down now with some positive dog PR and help us to live safely and happily with our beautiful dogs.

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