“The Neventies” Return With Brand New Single, “Come On Down” and Upcoming Album

After a brief break, European Indie rock band “The Neventies” is back in full swing with a new single and upcoming album. Three years have passed since their single and music video for the track ‘Moving On’ in 2019, and they are delighted to announce their return with a new release. If you’re interested in fresh, authentic rock music, watch out for The Neventies.

The Neventies’ style is reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks, with their stripped-back indie flair. Their new single “Come On Down” perfectly represents their style and indicates how their new project will sound. Recorded in Hamburg, Germany with producer Eike Freese, who had worked with bands like Deep Purple, this is quality indie-rock with some excellent production. Thematically, the song is heavier and darker than other material on their new album. However, this is still a strong lead track with the iconic gritty vocals, roaring guitars, and guitar solos that you can expect from an indie-rock track. 

The lyrics of the song focus on a story of lost love and the emptiness it can result in. It follows the laments of our protagonist who finds himself unable to enjoy the things he once did and has musical writer’s block. He runs away from his problems and tries to rediscover his passion by traveling. In the end, he cannot recapture the old feelings now his love is gone. Running out of options, he reaches out to his old love in futility but it’s too late. The song ends on a fitting guitar solo breakdown that ends with a bang.

It’s a great track and a worthwhile listen. The song has an infectious and unapologetic energy that makes it irresistible to hit replay. The Neventies have released their single on Spotify and plan to release their new album on March 31st. If the quality of this single is anything to go by, then it is sure to be a stellar album! Don’t miss it!

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