Folk Cover from the Brilliant, Ross Davis, with ‘Love at the Five and Dime’

If you’re a fan of contemporary folk music, then look no further than Ross Davis! Having released several singles in the past, including originals such as ‘Snow Angels’, you can be sure that Davis will blow you away with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and brilliant vocal work. With his latest single, a cover of Nanci Griffith’s ‘Love at the Five and Dime’,  Davis is sure to do more of the same and showcase his talent in a way that will have any listener on board. Having been released on February 9th, ‘Love at the Five and Dime’ is out now for you to enjoy!

The single itself, is a story of lovers who find their relationship in the balance due to the male protagonist in the story, Eddie, having dreams of a music career that he wants to pursue. A fantastic storytelling track from Griffith, Ross Davis does the track justice as he delivers silky vocals and acoustic guitar work that has you hooked instantly. A brilliant performance, Davis breathes life into this folk classic from Nanci Griffith, giving a version that fans of the original can more than get behind.

Having already been released earlier this month, Ross Davis’s cover of ‘Love at the Five and Dime’ is a track that you all need to hear if you like good music. Alongside with the two singles he has released, Davis has also released an album in the past, ‘Better Late Than Never’, which was made with contributions from Grammy-winner, Brent Mason. With new and old music to dive into, make sure you check out Ross Davis!

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