Doolin’s New Release: Inspired by Years on the Road, a New Country and Friendship

Following three years of breakout touring at American and Canadian roots festivals, followed by an unprecedented break from performing as a result of the COVID pandemic, Doolin have returned with their new album ‘Circus Boy’.

Partially recorded whilst on tour in the US, and completed at Paris’ legendary Ferber studio, this is an album which has been in the making for a considerably long time – the result of which is undeniable. 

Drawing upon real, lived experience, the album’s core represents an exploration of the recurring feelings experienced during their US tours, including their friendship and solidarity throughout their travels, as well as their experiences of being in a new country brimming with musical culture for the first time. 

Any listener will be offered a thought-provoking reflection through the band’s emotive lyrics, alongside the unique sonic elements the band also has to offer.

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