Rock and Roll Fans Rejoice! Rockers, Neventies, are Here with Latest Single, ‘Come on Down’

If you’re looking for some real rock n roll to inject some fire into your playlist, then look no further than Neventies! Having first hooked up in LA, Micky and Lars decided to form a band once they got back on European soil; and having met up in Micky’s native Italy, the pair recruited the help of Luigi on bass, and Marco on drums, and it was then that Neventies were born.

Having put out their first track, ‘Moving On’, in 2019, it’s clear to see that the band have more than just some promise. Introduced by a drumbeat that is quickly followed up by catchy guitar riffs and brilliant vocals, it’s a track that quickly has you hooked, pressing play again and again, begging for more from the band. Ending on a high with an immense combination of guitar solo, guitar riff and a fast paced drumbeat, it’s the ending a song of this quality deserves. If you loved this track just as we did, you’ll be pleased to know that the band have a new track, ‘Come on Down’ coming out on the 23rd of this month! Sure to excite any fan of rock and roll, ‘Come on Down’, much like ‘Moving On’, is a track that you simply need to hear. Don’t miss out!

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