‘Outliers – A Creative Project’, the Latest Project from UK Artist, Lemzi

Coming in hot with new music and perspectives, is UK artist, Lemzi. His latest project, ‘Outliers – A Creative Project’ takes a deep dive into vulnerabilities, joy and freedom, as well as coming to terms with the events of life, and finding your own inner peace. With UK influences in garage and grime, Lemzi and his collaborators create something that we’ve not seen before. Watch this space!

A project in three parts, each part is a chapter that will cover its own feelings and events, using Lemzi’s own heartfelt, personal experiences as he navigates through each track. Chapter 1: Polluted Mind, shows a vulnerable Lemzi talking about his mental state, as well as the worries of losing your significant other. Chapter 2: Outsyde, takes a different approach – with Covid getting in the way of his music and life generally around this time, the message of living your life without boundaries is an important one, and this is where Lemzi most notably shows the influence garage has had on his music. The third and final chapter, Chapter 3: Reasoning, takes Lemzi on a journey of grief as he comes to terms with the loss of family members, as well as working towards inner peace,

A wonderful project, it’s more than a collection of music. It’s feelings, perspectives and experiences that are laid bare, with immense talent giving it the platform to be heard and enjoyed. Having already been released, ‘Outliers – A Creative Project’ is out ready for you to enjoy at a moments notice. Capable of creating fantastic music and conveying complex emotions, Lemzi is an artist that you cannot possibly ignore.

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