New Release! ‘Old View of the New World’, by Scottish Band, Tom Adamson Band!

With an album that came out at the tail end of 2022, filled with some pure prog-rock, you need to get to know all about Tom Adamson Band! Their latest album, ‘Old View of the New World’, is an album that contains the energy of legends such as Deep Purple, but with a focus on Scottish culture that will serve anyone with a taste for good prog-rock music.

Having battled cancer in the past, Tom Adamson hasn’t let it slow his career down in the slightest. Pursuing his own musical craft, as well as building his own successful music agency, record label and publishing company. It’s of no surprise that his music is head and shoulders above the competition, with a lifelong passion for his craft for decades, he’s successfully built companies and made albums that are to be remembered, ‘Old View of the New World’ is no different.

A solo musician, Adamson sought out the help of his peers from his days of jazz music, giving this album not only a display of immense talent, but a fusion of music that compliments each other perfectly. With inspiration from his homeland, help from his jazz peers as well a lifelong desire to create music, you can be sure that ‘Old View of the New World’ will blow you away. The album is available on Spotify and the artist’s Bandcamp, where you can find previous releases. Don’t miss out on this!

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