New Release! Double Album Debut from Kenton Hall and The Necessary Measures

If you’re in need of some music that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you need to know about this release from part-rockers, part-baroque-poppers, Kenton Hall and the Necessary Measures! Here with his debut double album, ‘Idiopath’ and ‘Omniopath’, released on 31st January  – the twin album is an experimental experience, made up of 33 tracks, featuring some immense musical support from the likes of Steve Nieve, The Swinging Laurels and Scottish singer-songwriter, Vivien Scotson, as well as a video for each of the songs on the album. A huge project made up of original ideas and a massive amount of talent that has seen him team up with band, The Necessary Measures, you cannot afford to miss this!

In looking at the first album, ‘Idiopath’, we chose a few tracks to gauge the approach taken by Kenton Hall. The first track, ‘Careful How You Go’, is a track that is instantly likeable with music that jumps out at you, with a toe-tapping beat that is made to dance to. Kenton Hall delivers a brilliant vocal performance that keeps with the intensity and feel of the track – a great start to what is shaping up to be a fantastic album.

The second track from ‘Idiopath’, ‘Dumb As A Brick’, takes a different turn to the previous track. A much slower, solemn track that showcases the vocals of Kenton Hall in the most brilliant way, showing him singing in a vocal style that is entirely different to what we heard previously. Sticking with the storytelling lyrics, each word and feeling is delivered perfectly by the band and Hall, who are easily able to create an atmosphere with their music.

The third and final track we selected, ‘Going Too Far’, sees yet another approach from Kenton Hall, really living up to the experimental aspect of the album. Not sticking to a particular sound or feeling, Hall demonstrates pure musical ability by being able to have a clear command on any sound he chooses. The track itself, has a brilliant drumbeat and piano progression that wonderfully set up Hall to give a memorable vocal performance which is backed up by some smoothly cool guitar riffs.

An album that showcases multiple approaches being executed just as well as each other. A genuinely brilliant approach to music, with a fantastic amount of ability in and around the music. The second album, ‘Omniopath’, has a lot to live up to – however, if it can in any way replicate the ability and approach shown on ‘Idiopath’, we’re in for another treat from Kenton Hall and The Necessary Measures.

Diving straight into the second album, ‘Omniopath’, we’re introduced to Vivien Scotson, who sings the beautiful ‘I Think You Would Have Liked It Here’. Led by a piano, with nothing but her vocals, she spectacularly delivers an emotional performance in a track that shows some of the best storytelling lyrics around. Soft, delicate, yet still somewhat powerful, Scotson hits all the right notes and matches the mood of the music perfectly. Yet another strong introduction to an album in this project, it’s promising to deliver on all of the promise of the first.

Heading straight into the second and final track featured from this album, we’re introduced to Dorie Jackson, another female vocalist who quickly shows herself as a fantastic performer, who sings a story of a woman who no longer feels desired. Backed up by yet more brilliant music, it gives Jackson the freedom to sing expressive, emotional and self-deprecating lyrics which suits the feel of both albums with ease. A final track that solidifies our view that ‘Idiopath’ and ‘Omniopath’ cannot possibly be ignored.

Released on January 31st, both albums from Kenton Hall and The Necessary Measures are ready for you to get stuck right in to. With so much talent on display, organised in various ways to create music that is unique and equally as appealing, make sure that you do not miss out on this!

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