South London Duo, Da Exiles, are Here with Their Debut Single, ‘Never Stop Believing’

Love rap music? You need to hear this! South-London duo, Da Exiles, are about to drop their debut single, ‘Never Stop Believing’! An inspiring message of belief in God and self-belief, they’re rapping about their real life experience of struggle and the turn around in their lives. The duo, Harb Salaam and Mo Striker, are using this experience to inspire the youth and showing them that there is a better life out there. Coming on February 24th, you cannot afford to miss out on this.

Being Muslims, their religion has played a large part in their success and journey to a better life. In turn, they decided to put out their message with music that anyone can hear, by making the beats out of nothing but vocals and beatbox samples. A unique, creative and fantastic beat, it carries a message of inspiration that needs to be heard. Starting off with Mo Striker, who wastes no time in getting into the nitty gritty of his old life, showing that anyone can change for the better, he uses his immense flow to dish out lyrics that stick with you and gives advice to anyone who is willing to hear it. Followed by Harb Salaam, who has a similar message of bettering yourself and having God on your side. Using a more US influenced flow, with rhymes that would seamlessly blend in with some classic US Hip-hop, he creates memorable verses about pushing forward and never giving up.

With a message that is born out of struggle and success, they relate to people who need guidance and show them a way forward. Living examples of changing your life for the better, Harb Salaam and Mo Striker both demonstrate immense musical ability as they seek to inspire the youth. Out February 24th, make sure you don’t miss out on ‘Never Stop Believing’

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