Album Review: Crabb – English American

Crabb Releases His Debut Album English American which is now available to purchase and stream on all major platforms, English American dropped on Wednesday 25th January 2023. 

The album starts with the song ‘Evil Man’ which starts with ominous hand claps and a flashback to the likes of Queen’s biggest hit. The male backing vocals act as a strong riff that leads the song and lay a powerful vocal blanket for the main vocals to glide over. 

A track that caught our eye was ‘10 Years’. This song compliments the leading track ‘Mykonos’ as it has a strong emotional impact and gradual build up, showcasing the musical abilities and storytelling qualities Crabb possesses. 

The debut album finishes with a song entitled ‘So Long & Farewell’. At first sight I expected something soft and gracious. Surprisingly the track was one of the most upbeat and catchy on the album and a fantastic finish to the album. 

The debut album entitled ‘English American’ by Crabb is available on all major streaming platforms now. 

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