Bank Street Martyrs are Here with Their Single from their Latest Album, ‘Leven the Vale’!

Fan of rock music? Get to know all about Bank Street Martyrs as they release the lead single ‘Leven the Vale’ from the album of the same name. The single serves as a tribute to their hometown, as well as an example of what the album will promise to bring. With influence of pop-rock and a sound that is genuinely irresistible, make sure that you don’t miss out on this absolute gem of a single and album!

The single starts with a drumbeat that quickly introduces lead singer, Joseph Watema, who delivers breathtaking vocals that instantly grab your attention. Followed up by guitar riffs from Andrew Marsland that just fit perfectly, it’s clear to see that the composition of this track is of the highest standard, as each part of the song on its own stands out as something special, but together they manage to create a single that is worth pressing repeat on time and time again. Towards the end, the music is rounded off by a fantastic display of guitar playing, with a rip roaring solo that injects some welcomed intensity into the track, while still balancing with the delicate nature of Watema’s voice. An example of musical and vocal talent, as well as immense lyrical ability by Ian Retson. It’s truly a brilliantly made, balanced and well put together track with multiple aspects to love – there is no way you can let a track like this pass you by.

Released alongside a music video, giving the track an even more personal feel to the homecoming aspect, as they look towards local filmmaker, Harvey Smart, to direct which he does brilliantly. A local touch to a track that speaks on their hometown, it’s the perfect addition to a song such as this. Released in December last year, ‘Leven the Vale’ is ready for you to dive right into. Make sure you don’t miss this!

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