Get Ready for Same Old Tale and Their Newest Single, ‘Look Down’, as they Prepare for EP Release!

Need some red hot rock music that will have you on the edge of your seat? You need to know about this! Israeli band, Same Old Tale, who are here with their latest single, ‘Look Down’. The single comes as the band prepare for their EP release of ‘Tales Are Yet to Come’, which if it matches the quality of this single, it’s an absolute must have. Make sure you don’t miss this!

The track was born from the mind of lead vocalist, Maor Shem Tov, during his time on active duty which led him to Hermon Mountain, where only authorised personnel could visit. During this unique experience, Tov watched the town below, as the people made their way through their day to day lives, it occurred to Tov what meant most to him, and how he could never afford to lose it. It was this realisation that made him drop his rifle, and pick up his guitar as he wrote this immense lyrical track.

‘Look Down’ is the ultimate track to prepare us for ‘Tales Are Yet to Come’, with a track that boasts both lyrical and musical quality that even some of the best musicians can take note of. Rip roaring guitar solos mixed with ground shaking drums are the perfect additions to Tov’s vocals, it’s a single that will get the blood pumping for the EP release.

An unforgettable track from the first second, every aspect of the single dovetails together in the best way imaginable. With a sound that will appeal to any fan of rock music, and lyrics that will appeal to anyone who wants lyrics that resonate, this is the track for you. With ‘Tales Are Yet to Come’ on the way, this is the perfect starter for what’s to come. Don’t miss out!

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