NEW SINGLE! ‘You Do You’ by JShell, as he Prepares to Drop Audio and Visual Album, ‘In My Head’

In need of some quality music to add to your playlist? Then look no further than JShell, a New York-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that will blow you away with his latest single, ‘You Do You’. The single comes as JShell prepares for the release of his full album, ‘In My Head’, which promises to be an album that is all about visual as much as it audio. Don’t miss out on this!

The single release of ‘You Do You’ is an example of what’s to come on the release of ‘In My Head’. Music that feels new and exciting with a songwriting ability that stands out after multiple plays. Fantastically written musically and lyrically, ‘You Do You’ is a fantastic opener for what’s to come on the album with undeniable talent on display in every regard.

The video for the single shows a basic, hand-drawn styled video that illustrates the story that the lyrics speak of, while also showing us performance of the music, allowing us to soak in every note and word. A simple yet effective video, it has everything it needs to be a memorable and original idea that only adds to how good JShell really is.

A fantastic single that shows us exactly what’s to come further down the line, JShell proves with ‘You Do You’ that this album will be just as good visually and it is audibly. A truly brilliant combination of artforms elevates this track to a whole other level of appreciation for us, and we cannot wait for more. Do not miss this!

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