If you’re in need of some music that will take you back to the golden age of proper rock music, then you’re going to need to know about HANNAN, a band from Kentucky that have just released their single, ‘Break Me’. Sure to blow the roof off from the first second, it also comes alongside a video that is just as engaging as the music. Make sure that you don’t miss this!

The single starts with striking music that will instantly catch your attention, with crashing drums and guitar riffs that open the space for lead vocalist, Graham Hannan, to deliver a vocal performance that will keep you hooked. Each second demonstrates immense talent, taking rock music to a familiar place that will blow you away, alongside lyrics and vocals that will keep you pressing play again and again.

The video for the track is a perfect match up with the music. Alongside some shots of HANNAN looking like rockstars on a stage, being the definition of rocking out, the video is a story about a young woman who is sick of her life, choosing to leave her boyfriend who was the final straw for her to go let off some steam. Taking herself to a rage room as the song builds, she destroys everything in sight with a sledgehammer as the song really picks up pace, matching the mood perfectly. The perfect example for the feel that the music gives off, the video only adds to the quality and depth of feeling to the song.

‘Break Me’ is a single that showcase the very best of HANNAN. Kick-ass music with a brilliant storytelling aspect to their lyrics, able to make a track that alone is something worth hearing. But alongside a video, giving us the perfect visuals for a track of this tone, it puts it on a whole other level of enjoyment that is genuinely out of this world. Make sure that you don’t miss this!

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