Album Review: Last Chance Release Debut Album

With 10 heavy duty rock tracks to filter through, the debut self-titled album by Rock group Last Chance was a delight and refreshing to listen to. The upcoming band Last Chance are set to release their debut album which is self-titled. As what can only be described as heavy yet classic hard rock mixed with hints of punk, Last Chance showcase their talents in their debut album. 

Lead vocalist Rage and guitarist Baron are the main driving force behind the bands songwriting, bringing their own demons and background to the mix when writing. These two different insights give the songs more depth and interest as a listener. When listening to the album from  start to finish, you can tell that the craftsmanship of this project was very high quality and the stories that are portrayed in the lyrics come from a place of experience. 

“Rising from the dust of the pre-pandemic world, the debut album from Last Chance has proved to be my guilty pleasure record of 2022. A guitar garage classic out of the gates, this bold little record gets set on repeat regularly and rolls on cleaning days and long drives into the office.” – Ryan Spaulding of Ryan’sSmashing Life

The debut album by Last Chance is active across all platforms and available for you to add to your playlists. 

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