REVIEW: ‘When Winter Falls on New York’ by Jazz Aficionado, Michael Tinholme

Looking to bring a smooth, relaxing feel to your Christmas this year? You’re in luck! Michael Tinholme and Band of Legends are here with their latest single, ‘When Winter Falls on New York’ from the album ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’. A silky smooth jazz track that has the feel of a classic in the making, you simply cannot afford to miss this!

The song quickly starts as we’re introduced to the wonderful vocals of Tinholme, with a piano following him that sets the mood brilliantly. With lyrics that tell a story of the seasons ending and starting, it’s an immersive song with details that paint a picture that we can all identify with, but from the perspective of the most iconic city in the world – New York City. Wonderfully smooth, descriptive and exciting, ‘When Winter Falls on New York’ is a guaranteed family-pleaser that will add a magic touch to your Christmas.

The single is taken from Tinholme’s full album, ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’, an album that is full of fantastic Christmas tracks that get better and better as the album flows. An unmistakable style and easily identifiable talent, Michael Tinholme has delivered yet again with a smoothness that is to be admired. Out now, you can enjoy the single and the full album, just in time for Christmas. Don’t miss it!

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