WAR IS OVER! Listen to Michael Tinholme’s Brilliant Tribute too Lennon’s Classic ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’

Kick start your Christmas cheer this year with this fantastic release from Michael Tinholme and his Band of Legends! Creating a brilliantly smooth jazz-like rendition of John Lennon’s legendary Christmas classic, ‘Happy Christmas (War is Over), it’s the Christmas single that everyone needs this year. Taken from his album ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’, it’s an example of what makes this album so good. Don’t miss out!

Jumping right into the single, Michael Tinholme introduces himself with smooth vocal performance that instantly grabs your attention, doing justice to Lennon’s original. The music has the same quality, with the Band of Legends doing brilliantly to make the song feel as smooth as Tinholme’s vocals, while also delivering on the same feel of Lennon’s nostalgic classic. A fantastically put together song, it highlights everything that is great about Michael Tinholme and the Band of Legends, while doing justice to the classic. Additions such as a bright, almost angelic backing vocalists, powerful female feature and a truly brilliant guitar solo only add to what is an already great track.

All in all, it’s a song that makes something that feels familiar and nostalgic wholly new and unique, giving ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’ a new perspective in a style that has never been seen done quite this like this before. Out now, it’s a single that you can get your hands on already, and if you love this like we do, there’s more fantastic tracks to be heard on Tinholme’s album, ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’.

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