‘Mykonos’, The Single by Crabb as He Gears Up for New Album, ‘English American’

Are you a fan of acoustic music with vocals that will blow you away? Then you need to know about Crabb and his latest single, ‘Mykonos’, which drops on 25th January. ‘Mykonos’ comes as Crabb prepares to release his album ‘English American’, which also serves as the final project for producer and close friend, Steve Brown, who had previously collaborated with the likes of Freddie Mercury and Elton John. However, Brown sadly passed away, which left a creative hole that was filled by Steve Lilywhite CBE. With quality music and legendary producers, this is a single that you cannot afford to miss!

The single from Crabb serves as a love letter to his wife, delivering a vocal performance that showcases nothing but immense guitar work and vocals that allow a message of love to shine through. All about falling in love, it’s a message that needed to be delivered in a way that holds the emotions, and that’s what Crabb does so well with a stripped back acoustic vibe that allows the emotion in his voice to shine. Released alongside a video that takes place at the Down Syndrome Association owned Langdon Centre in London with contemporary dancer, Tess Howell, starring – the venue was chosen on behalf of the ‘Mykonos’ engineer, whose daughter who was born with downs syndrome.

‘Mykonos’ comes on January 25th, meaning that it won’t be long until you get to hear this immense love song that is sure to be a hit with fans of acoustic music. The single comes as Crabb gears up for his album, ‘English American’, which has taken over 20 years to finally put out. Crabb and close friend Steve Brown started the album while working at Sony EMI together, recording music that would be the foundations of this upcoming album. With quality production from legendary producers and a quality of music and lyrics that will keep you pressing play again and again, you cannot miss this by Crabb!

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