Hybrid Project! Book and Music from DJ, Autolemy

Having been apart of the UK’s DJ music scene glory days, Autolemy is adding original music to his debut book release ‘Say Goodbye’, giving readers a wholly new experience that promises to be filled with unlimited entertainment. With a release date of April 24th 2023, make sure you add ‘Say Goodbye’ to your wish list as it looks set to be one of the best pieces of entertainment to come in the last few years!

The first in a trilogy, ‘Say Goodbye’ will kick off a story that introduces us to Lee Walker, a six year old boy who has been sent to live in a children’s home after his family was torn apart by his mother’s affair, who escapes to France after escaping from the home. With only his instincts to rely on, he becomes caught up in a situation involving KGB and MI6, where he learns of his extraordinary connection to the latter.

An experience that dips into other areas of entertainment, ‘Say Goodbye’ is a work of fiction that tells an exciting story, with music that is created by the author, Autolemy, who uses his knowledge of both subjects to create this fantastic original idea. It’s a story of betrayal, family, espionage and adventure mixed with music spanning classic 70s disco-funk, dance and nineties classic which is sure to create an experience you’re likely to have never seen before. ‘Say Goodbye’ comes on April 24th 2023, make sure that you don’t miss out on this unforgettable debut book!

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