NEWS! AM Band’s Fundraising Christmas Single, ‘Freedom in the Air’

The festive season has arrived! It’s that time of year where you need to compile the Christmas playlist, getting into all the classics and finding some new ones to fall in love with as we celebrate a time of giving, family and togetherness. The immense AM Band are here with ‘Freedom in the Air’, a Christmas single that doubles as a charity fundraiser for The British Red Cross Africa Famine Appeal and The Rocha International Rainforest Charity. Coming on 9th December, get ready for this classic in the making that is supporting more than one good cause!

The support for these charities is driven by a drought in the horn of Africa, with climate change playing a decisive role, as well as Rocha International, a charity that buys land to protect people and wildlife from displacement with funding from this single going towards Dakatcha Woodland in Kenya, Atewa Forest in Ghana, West Bugwe Forest in Uganda and Tosso Forest in Nigeria.

‘Freedom in the Air’ is a Christmas single that belongs to a global audience, helping those less fortunate living in regions that have been neglected for far too long, using the Christmas spirit of giving and togetherness to highlight these causes that make a better future for us all.

A Christmas song for the whole world to get behind, it’s the single taken from AM Band’s album ‘A Global Carol’, which is very loosely based on Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol. Recorded at the legendary Metropolis Studios and featuring some London’s best vocalists and a choir, it’s a single that boasts an incredible amount of promise, while also delivering for causes that very much need our help. Make sure you support these causes by adding this to your Christmas playlist this year!



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