NEWS: ‘Not Alone’, Fundraising Song by Maria Meyers and Bfourteen to Help Those in Ukraine

British-based German singer-songwriter, Maria Meyers, is using her musical talent to raise awareness and help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Teaming up with Odessa-based charity, Way Home, Meyers will release ‘Not Alone’, a song that will double as the fundraiser with the aim of raising £5555 to support families who are still living in war zones.

After seeing the events in Ukraine unfold on television, Meyers was so moved by what she had seen that she decided to put it into music. 20 minutes after sitting down at her piano, she had penned the lyrics and then recorded a demo, which Meyers then showed to friends who encouraged her to record the song fully to a broader audience.

Meyers’ friend, Dave McCabe, whose children attend Theatrix, a musical theatre company, had passed the demo onto Daniel Keaton, choirmaster for 30 children choir group, Bfourteen. With this demo, Keaton worked on the harmonies with the group, and just a few weeks later, ‘Not Alone’ was recorded in Circle Studios, Birmingham, bringing the song to life. With an incredibly talented group in Bfourteen led by Keaton, and fantastic chemistry between Meyers and McCabe, they decided to record the performance with videographer, Tom. In a particularly moving concept, the performers were wearing t-shirts with Ukrainian symbols for freedom.  Emotions were high during the recording, and moved the control room to tears with Bfourteen producing a moving, emotive performance that showed the compassion that this topic deserves.

A concept that was written and put together quickly, it’s been a creative process pinned on togetherness and helping one another – the perfect creative process for their goal. With ‘Not Alone’ being available to listen to on November 25th, the proceeds will go towards helping those in desperate need.

The friendship with Meyers’ friend, Dave McCabe, is what really brought the song to life so quickly. With the pair collaborating so well already, they have co-written a song inspired by the power of belief in dreams, perhaps inspired by ‘Not Alone’, which is set to release on December 2nd, titled ‘Christmas with You’.

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