NEW EP: Maki Supa’s Noon to Nine

Fans of R.E.M! If you’re looking for some new music to sink your teeth into, then you’re going to want to read this! Maki Supa, an Israeli-American artist, has ended his five year hiatus to bring us his brand new EP, ‘Nine to Noon’. With an interesting mix of songs and a creative style that is out of this world, you need to know Maki Supa!

Kicking us off with ‘Inspiration Song #12’, Maki Supa puts high energy into an inspiring song that is balanced perfectly by his melodies and powerful approach. A great start to ‘Noon to Nine’ that showcases exactly what Maki Supa is all about – immense melodies, fantastic vocals and lyrics all underpinned by a creative approach.

The second track, ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’, is a track where the Maki Supa’s musical style changes for the first time on the EP, demonstrating a pop-rock sound that he executes with ease. An example of his musical talent, Maki Supa is able to switch from multiple genres to expressive himself creatively, showing that he isn’t afraid of trying something new. His vocal style stays the same, however, proving that his effortless genre-switching is not forced, but is a natural consequence of possessing the vocal skills that he does.

In the third and final song, ‘What Kind of Day Has it Been’, which sees yet another successful change in style. This time, turning to dance-pop, while Maki Supa gives a lyrical insight into facing a difficult period in life – proving again that he is a musical chameleon, Maki Supa high finishes with a song that caps off a demonstration in musical flexibility, and continues the same standard of the previous tracks.

Overall, ‘Noon to Nine’ is a great EP with more than a few examples of what great music is. Fresh styles, new approaches, immense talent that is put to use with hard work and creativity, which results in releases such as this. Maki Supa performs wonderfully in every sense, with each song giving us something different to love each time. With one-third of the EP already being released, with ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ coming out on August 30th, the track gives fans a taster of what is to come on the full release on December 1st. With plenty time to get to know about Maki Supa, this is an EP that you need to hear!

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