New Album! ‘Swashbucklin” by Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters

Fan of Blues-infused rock music? Then you’re going to want to know about this! Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters are releasing a brand new album on November 5th, titled ‘Swashbucklin’’. The album promises to be a hit fans all over, attempting to deliver on their signature passion and well-paced music. With an unbelievably cool style and a pace to their music that suits every aspect of their work, ‘Swashbucklin’’ is certainly one to not let pass you by.

With an album that promises to deliver on quality, a strong impression is needed to show they intent to keep that promise, and with the release of lead single, ‘Won’t Be No Use’, the band give us exactly that. A no-holds barred blues track possessing highly impressive vocals and guitars with the appeal of an absolute classic – if the album is anything like the single, we’re in for a treat.

A trio, the band are made up of Jed Potts, Jonny Christie and Charlie Wild on drums and bass respectively, they all come together to make music that keeps you hooked, with a pace that allows you to enjoy every note and every word.

With the ‘Swashbucklin’’ coming on November 5th, now is the right time to familiarise yourself with Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters – this latest release promises to be some of their best yet!

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