ALBUM REVIEW: Acclaimed Folk Artist, Alex Roberts with Love & Supernatural

If you’re on the look out for some new folk music, we’ve got the artist for you! Acclaimed folk singer, Alex Roberts, has just brought out his new album, ‘Love & Supernatural’, on October 28th. The album re-release comes on the 10 year anniversary of the initial release of ‘Love & Supernatural’, with additional live tracks, pushing the total track list up to 17 songs, giving fans plenty of truly great music to enjoy. Having already been released, this is your sign to get to know Alex Roberts!

Kicking the album off is ‘Wandering Aengus’, the lead single. A song that is written based on the poem by W. B. Yeats in 1897, it gives Alex Roberts the first chance to give a vocal performance that instantly grabs you, with storytelling lyrics that keep you on the edge of your seat as it unfolds. An opening track that gives you high hopes for the rest of ‘Love & Supernatural’, with vocals and an acoustic guitar that blow you away with until the end.

Other tracks such as ‘To Abeona’ and ‘Broken Bow’ early on in the album demonstrate the ease in which Alex Roberts delivers masterful vocal performances, giving emotive and storytelling lyrics the tone they need to make the music stand out even further. The guitar playing is not generic, but is unique and interesting in each song – ‘To Abeona’ starts on what sounds like a sitar, before breaking into an immense rhythm backed up flutes, whereas ‘Broken Bow’ is an energetic, bright acoustic guitar that sets the scene perfectly for the song.

As the album plays on through with tracks such as ‘Lord Franklin’, ‘Every Fall in Your Step’, and ‘No Name I Recognise’, it shows the consistent level of songwriting and musical ability – each song has its own unique sound, under the same mastery that Roberts shows throughout some of the initial songs. The level of consistency is something not all artists can achieve, and it’s something that he can seemingly achieve with ease.

Heading into the additional live tracks, it only confirms what we thought about everything we heard before. Each live track has a vocal masterclass, with acoustic work that is simple yet brilliant, giving his voice the perfect platform to deliver powerful performances that just show how good he really is. The live tracks are a fantastic addition, giving us more brilliant music that follows up an already strong album.

As ‘Love & Supernatural’ ends, it’s hard not to press repeat. A great album, giving us the same immense music that Alex Roberts gave us 10 years ago, and now with new, exciting additions with the live tracks only add to how much we like this album. If you love powerful acoustic performances and lyrics that paint a picture, then ‘Love & Supernatural’ is just the album for you, and having already been released on October 28th, it’s out now for you to listen to. Make sure you get this on your playlist, you absolutely do not want this to pass you by!

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