ALBUM REVIEW: Corona Time in Amerika by Fascination Curve

Fans of Pink Floyd? We may just have the band for you! Fascination Curve have released their latest album, ‘Corona Time in Amerika’, a politically-charged perspective on the Covid-era in the United States, expressed by expert musicians with an abundance of talent on display in each song. Creating atmospheric sounds with each track, this is an album that you cannot ignore, and with it already having been released on August 4th, you can sink your teeth into this right now!

Starting us off is the impressive, ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves’. Speaking on American society in the modern day, it’s a perspective that is delivered with hard-hitting music that blows you away. Loud drums with guitar riffs that create the perfect foundations for the vocals, culminating in guitar solos that any David Gilmour fan can get on board with – a strong start, containing several aspects that really hold your attention.

Playing through the album, it’s clear that every song holds the same quality of the first song. ‘Sometime, Somehow’, ‘, I Will Breathe with You’, and ‘Dip Them in Gold’ are all songs that give you a feeling of pure quality. However, what we find most impressive is how they’re able to convey these messages under different sounds. No two songs sound the same, they all stand on their own merits and deliver with a unique execution, making each song interesting, fresh and atmospheric in its own ways.

Each song has lyrics that really speak on the world we live in, which alone is not easy to summarise, and yet Fascination Curve do this seemingly with ease, all while putting it with music that any skilled musician would be proud of producing. The guitar solos, drums and use of various instruments throughout maintain how interesting the ‘Corona Time in Amerika’ is, with everything coming together perfectly under leadership of Karl Lundeberg.

Not a second of ‘Corona Time in Amerika’ is a waste, each word and note is worth listening to at least once as it uses so much musical ability to convey an important, which is something we should all hear. Music like this doesn’t come round often, especially that has a command over sound like Fascination Curve do. Having already been released on August 4th, make sure you get listening to this!

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