NEWS: Yoav Gerber Returns! New EP: ‘Noon to Nine’

Fans of R.E.M! We have some new music you’re going sure to love from Israeli-American singer, Yoav Gerber.

After a five year break from music, Gerber has teamed up with skilled producer, Shai Saadia , to bring us a new EP named ‘Noon to Nine’ under his new guise of ‘Maki Supa’. The EP contains three tracks; ‘Inspirational Song #12’, ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ and ‘What Kind Of Day Has It Been’, all of which are noticeably different styles but are still keeping with the quality of music that Gerber works to hard to create which was ultimately his reasoning for creating this product – wanting more quality music in the world.

The music that Yoav Gerber makes cannot be pigeon-holed into just one genre – he breaks down barriers that crossover into multiple genres such as rock, indie and dance-pop, creating anything that is reliant on his powerful, melodic delivery.

With somewhere in Bretagne already being released on August 30th, there’s still time to familiarise yourself with Gerber before the full release of the EP on December 1st. The EP promises to be full of fantastic vocals and hypnotic melodies, so be sure that you don’t miss out on this.

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