NEWS: New Single and Video, ‘Lies’ by Grave Jones

Fans of Nirvana! We have just the album for you. Former Slutterhouse frontman, Grave Jones, is here with his new single, ‘Lies’, which is accompanied by a music video. The third single in a series of releases, Jones is leading up to his first solo album, ‘Heartrage Hotel’ – if the album is anything like the singles, it’ll definitely be one to keep an eye out for!

For making the video for ‘Lies’, Grave Jones appointed Karl Hadife as director, with whom he has collaborated several times. Creating visual art to go along with music that blends together perfectly is not an easy task, but it is something that Karl Hadife does really well – a dark, almost monochromatic video, it gives the lyrics and music the raw edge needed for something as emotive and powerful as ‘Lies’. With great music and Cobain-like vocals from Grave Jones, it’s very nicely tied together stylistically and is ready to blow you away from the first second.

Written at a time where political and humanitarian crisis were ongoing in Lebanon, it perhaps is where Grave Jones finds his emotion for delivering a song as raw as this. With a change from his usual pop-rocker style, it’s the perfect barnstorming song to loudly and proudly demonstrate a change in approach for Grave Jones, who now teeters towards a grunge-like rock style that we can more than get on board with. Having already released strong singles in ‘Heaven Only Knows’ and ‘Smithereens’, it’s safe to say that ‘Lies’ is no fluke, and there is more to come from Jones.

His upcoming album, ‘Heartrage Hotel’, will be the first release under his moniker of Grave Jones, signalling that there’s a new dawn for Rabbih Salloum. A change in style, genre and name can only indicate an exciting future for Grave Jones, and with the best surely yet to come, you do not want to miss out on this!

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