Hey readers of Sonic! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Did you know that Spotify statistics show that out of the 50 most played songs in Sweden in 2021 had only 19% female songwriters credited, and only 5% credited female producers. It’s shocking that the figures for female equality within the music industry is still so low.

One group that are working hard to change these numbers are SLÄS, a group of 6 friends and female music executives all driven by a passion to work towards an equal music industry, create opportunities to non-male creatives and give male artists an opportunity to have a more diverse creative sphere. 

In 2021 SLÄS set up Her Songs For Him as the first ever Songwriting camp where only female and non-binary songwriters and producers, wrote songs for and together with established male artists. Taking place in Stockholm in Nov 2021 with participating Scandinavian artists like Benjamin Ingrosso, JUNG, Sandro Cavazza, Omar Rudberg och Alexander Oscar. During 5 days, 27 creatives wrote 28 songs with a producer, songwriter and artist in each room.

This year with support from Spotify’s equality initiative Equal, Export Music Sweden and Hotel Ruth, in collaboration with Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia, TEN Music Group and RMV Publishing and will take place in Stockholm October 3-6th, 2022.

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