NEWS: New Single and Video from Grave Jones with ‘Lies’

If you’re a fan of Nirvana, then you’re going to love this. Former Slutterhouse frontman, Grave Jones, has just come out with his newest single, ‘Lies’, which comes with a music video directed by Karl Hadife. This single is Jones’ third in a series of releases that are leading up to his first solo album, ‘Heartrage Hotel’ – if the album lives up to the promise that the singles have shown, it’ll definitely be one to add to your playlist!

In making ‘Lies’, Grave Jones needed the correct visual imagery for a video that would fit the mood of a song like this, and in doing so appointed Karl Hadife, with whom he has collaborated with several times in the past. With that level of creative understanding, it gave the video for ‘Lies’ every chance of being the perfect fit, and that’s exactly what it was. A dark, monochromatic visual that carries the mood of the lyrics, giving a song of this style the perfect backdrop. Immense music from the band and even better vocals from Grave Jones, added with a video that ties it all together, ‘Lies’ blows you away from the second you press play.

When Jones wrote ‘Lies’, it was in the midst of a political and humanitarian crisis that gripped Lebanon – which is perhaps where Grave Jones found the inspiration in giving us a song as raw and emotional as this. Changing it up from a pop-rocker type style, it’s the perfect song that allows Jones’ to sever ties with his old approach, and unleash something wholly new to his discography. Now, in a grunge-esque style, Jones has blown us away – this change in style not only fits him perfectly, but also sounds like some of the best work he’s released to date. With strong releases in the form of ‘Heaven Only Knows’ and ‘Smithereens’ preceding the release of ‘Lies’, it’s safe to say that any future release from Grave Jones is not to be ignored, and should undoubtedly be added to anyone’s playlist.

The upcoming album, ‘Heartrage Hotel’, is Jones’ first under his current moniker, having previously gone by Rabbih Salloum – signaling a new era for the artist. With a change in style and name, but the same quality of music, all signs point towards success for Grave Jones; and with more coming in the future, you do not want to miss out. Make sure you keep up to date with Grave Jones!

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