The Quite Great Radio Show is a show brought to you three times a week and syndicated around the world! Allowing you to get your music on the radio heard from Manchester to Sydney; Ireland to California and Holland to Alaska…no, really! You can be featured on the Quite Great Radio Show whether you’re a classical pianist, Afrobeat artist, extreme metal band or folk singer. Played on over 210 stations worldwide (and counting!), 

Featuring music from the best up and coming artists and some ionic favourites, It’s clear that The Quite Great radio show is a hit as the stats don’t lie. The latest Quite Great Radio show was 16th in the global student radio chart, 17th in the global college radio chart, 46th in the global indie pop chart and 78th in the global indie rock chart.

Ran by Quite Great PR which prides itself on its honesty, openness and delivering real coverage, which is why by being included on the Quite Great Radio Show you are GUARANTEEING you will have your music heard by thousands of music fans worldwide!

If you want to get in touch about getting your music feature on the Quite Great radio show get in touch here 

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