NEWS: Ido Spak’s New Album, ‘Epidemic Adventures’ OUT NOW!

If you’re a fan of jazz music, then you’re going to want to hear this! Ido Spak the Jazz Traveller is here with a new album, ‘Epidemic Adventures’. Classic jazz mixed with his own unique style, which he has acquired from influences all over the world, including places such as Syria, Iran and Kurdistan, this album has a uniqueness that you need to hear. Having already been released on September 3rd, just one listen of ‘Epidemic Adventures’ will have you hooked!

The album is comprised of 10 songs, with each song having the classic tones of jazz but under the style of Ido Spak, who is able to use his musical expertise to put his own twist on what we know as jazz. Creating not only good music, but also music that doesn’t replicate itself, truly standing on its own two feet, giving the ‘Epidemic Adventures’ a feel of quality that is hard to come by nowadays.

Before making this album, Ido Spak was going through the global pandemic when all of a sudden, out of loneliness, he found love. This love provided the perfect springboard to kickstart his creativity, which soon took him to writing ‘Epidemic Love Song’, packed with beautiful music that expands into slow, smooth jazz, which also serves as the precursor for the whole album, ‘Epidemic Adventures’. With an album worth of high quality music that is out now having been released on September 3rd and played with a style that is undeniably Ido Spak’s own, you need to take note of ‘Epidemic Adventures’ and Ido Spak.

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