NEWS: Synthwave Up-and-Comer Kumiko25 Announces Brand New Album!

Exciting synthwave artist, Kumiko25, is here with a brand new album set to be released on September 30th. The album ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ is sure to excite anyone within the synthwave genre and is set to be yet another strong release from the artist.

Kumiko25’s journey hasn’t been straight forward – after going through ill health frequently as a child, having had pneumonia four times as a child and seven throughout his life, and most recently having been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), you could say that it’s been an uphill battle for Kumiko’s personal life, let alone as a talented musician. Rather than let these get the better of him, he has taken the bull by the horns and used the mishaps as the motivation to become a success, which is definitely well earned.

The result of his motivation and desire to create has most given us ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ – a record with a retro feel that gives out feelings of 80s nostalgia in an era of the comeback. With fantastic composition, immense creativity, the album will surely be some of Kumiko’s most exciting music to date. With a uniqueness and style heard all too rarely which is being mastered by Dave Sanderson of Arctic Monkeys fame, ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ could just be what he needs to push onto the next level

Born in Leicestershire, UK, Kumiko25 has taken influence from the music he has heard throughout his life – from bands such as Aphex Twin, Napalm Death and Beach Boys, it’s safe to say that Kumiko has a wealth of knowledge that goes into his music that is not to be understated. With originality, fantastic neon-based futuristic artwork adorning his albums and musical landscapes that take you to another world, there is so much to enjoy.

With a single coming in preparation for the album on September 19th with ‘Flight’, Kumiko25 will be giving everyone a preview as to what ‘SkyCityDeluxe’ will be all about– promising to deliver a nostalgic electronic sound, there is no way he can disappoint.

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