NEWS: Karl Lundeberg’s Fascination Curve’s Newest Release, ‘Corona Time in Amerika’

Fascination Curve are a prog-rock super group, made from the mind of expert musician and civil rights activist, Karl Lundeberg. With a new album in the form of ‘Corona Time in Amerika’ released on August 4th, it’ll be sure to excite anyone who is a fan of the classic album ‘The Wall’ by the legendary Pink Floyd – powerful riffs, great vocals and lyrics, the result is an album that is absolutely not to be missed.

Comprised of expert musicians in drummer Gregg Bissonette, lead guitarist and vocalist Marc Borilla, saxophonist Tim Ries, as well as vocalists Ken Stacey and Amy Keys, the album promises so much in terms of music – it’s easy to see how that much talent will create something that is more than worth a listen, and being backed by Lundeberg’s direction and civil rights message, it’s a release that should be heard by anyone with an interest in the political climate we currently exist in.

Being born in the civil rights era, raised by parents who protested in favour of civil rights and protested himself with BLM in the marches in 2020, it should be of no surprise that Lundeberg’s work consists of a first-hand account of the issues that the album goes through – with a lifetime of experience and perspective, Karl Lundeberg is creating music that culturally build bridges.

Having already been released on August 4th, you can decide for yourselves what the impact his music can have – with well-respected industry musicians behind Lundeberg’s work, it’s almost guaranteed to be enjoyed.

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