BARCELONA! Angela Hench and Gregory Markel Collaborate to Bring Freddie Mercury Classic to Life

Immensely talented soprano singer, Angela Hench, has collaborated with vocalist, Gregory Markel, to bring us a fantastically moving tribute of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabelle’s iconic classic, Barcelona.

The single, which was released on August 6th of this year, has been widely acclaimed an enjoyed by online audiences all over the world – with 60,000 views in the first few weeks, the tribute has generated a healthy amount of praise, which is more than deserved.

This is the latest single release from Angela Hench, who has found acclaim for mind-blowing operatic performances worldwide. Hench so far has shown her talent in places such as Croswell Opera House, the Opera MODO, The Dio Theatre and much more.

 Although finding fame through her operatic performances, she is anything but your run-of-the-mill opera singer. Trained at Waldorf School, and a mix of influence from pop-culture icons such as RuPaul and Lizzo, the end product is Hench’s unique style – a mixture of pure operatic class, and charisma in her art, it gives Angela Hench the perfect platform to deliver a masterclass of a performance every time.

Winner of the 2016 Peace Song Award, Gregory Markel plays the role of iconic Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, in this cover which showcase his vocal talent and impact on this record. He is best known for his work as frontman with 90s prog-rock band, Altered State, giving a wonderful contrast to Angela Hench. The pair have created an amazing tribute to the original with both vocalists executing their roles perfectly, which would please any fan of original classic.

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