BILLIE HOLIDAY TRIBUTE: Michael Tinholme’s ‘God Bless the Child’ is Out Now!

Michael Tinholme has recruited the help of saxophonist, Brandon Fields, and pianist, Adam Hersh, to bring a fantastic cover of Billie Holiday’s ‘God Bless the Child’, which was released in June earlier this year.

The cover sees Michael Tinholme leading the line, with a smooth voice that’s accompanied by an even smoother sound, with Hersh’s impact being apparent throughout. The piano is soft and perfectly paced, allowing Tinholme’s voice and Brandon Fields’ saxophone to really shine through and make this soft, slow, moving cover really stand out from the crowd of ‘God Bless the Child’ covers.

Michael Tinholme’s performance in the song is outstanding. A great voice mixed with the musical talent is exactly what this song is, and with the help of his guests in Fields and Hersh, it ensures an absolutely masterful tribute to Holiday’s original that does it justice in every way, while also adding elements that make it Tinholme’s own. There have been various covers of this iconic song throughout history, and while they’re all a respectable cover in their own right, Michael Tinholme’s version really hits the spot.

This really is different to the other tributes you may have heard. Rather than repeating the classic we all know, he has taken it and made it his own in the most fantastic way that just seems so natural. It’s a song worth anyone’s time and is absolutely worth remembering.

Words by Keir Taylor.

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