NEWS: ‘Never Twice the Same Colour’, Upcoming New Album from Pop-duo, Sparky’s Magic Piano

Fans of great music, listen up! Following up on the 2007 release of their acclaimed debut album, ‘Feel the Beat and Do It Anyway!’, indie-pop duo Sparky’s Magic Piano are back with brand-new album, ‘Never Twice the Same Colour’, which is set for release on September 9th. Creating this with DIY-production from their shared London home, the pair have raised the bar for DIY-musicians everywhere and pushed their way back to their rightful place in the music industry.

The album’s leads single, ‘Last Supper’, was released on August 19th which left fans satisfied with what could be on the horizon. With bouncy riffs and angelic vocals, fans be assured that Sparky’s Magic Piano have kept their signature sound – clean guitars from Oli Barlett that wouldn’t be out of place on a Razorlight album, and angelic vocals from Marion Turnbull, the second-coming of the duo looks more than promising.

‘Never Twice the Same Colour’ is a sign of a bright future for Sparky’s Magic Piano – with an 11 track album comprised on upbeat, fantastic pop songs all made with a creative, DIY approach, this could be SMP’s best release to date, and certainly their most unique. With a limited edition CD and digital release set for September 9th, it’d be a mistake to let this pass you by – trust us when we say, you do NOT want to miss this.

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