NEWS: Canadian-Nigerian Artist, Osasioo, Set to Release New Single ‘Gravity’

For fans of John Legend! Soulful Canadian-Nigerian singer-songwriter Osasioo is here to blow you away with his newest single, ‘Gravity’. Set to be released September 2nd, this single is not to be missed, and fans of fantastic male vocalists will want to play close attention.

‘Gravity’ is a single unlike so many others. Its personal lyrical content will pull at the heartstrings of any listener and its soulful tone will strike a cord with anyone who appreciates amazing vocal talent. With a vulnerability in his expression, Osasioo is more than just a singer-songwriter, he is a creator that is capable of conveying emotion and reality through his music.

Every step Osasioo has taken in the music industry, he’s excelled with much excitement attached to the success to his previous releases in ‘Into You’ and ‘Love You Right’ – both of which enjoyed success online and showcase that he is ready to establish himself in the industry, which is what makes the upcoming release of ‘Gravity’ more exciting than any of Osasioo’s releases to date.

With releases that show soulfulness mixed with true R&B, Osasioo is one to keep an eye out for, and with ‘Gravity’ coming on 2nd September, listeners can get a chance to hear what all the fuss is about!

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