The Footlight District announce their striking new single ‘Lightning’

Hey Lovely readers of Sonic. Do you believe that musicians who are siblings are better at harmonising? One band that are proving this theory right are The Footlight District with their latest release ‘lightning’ 

Their unique brand of garage rock is taking the band from strength to strength and ‘Lightning’ is an incredible example of the bands never ending talent. It truly is a magnificent display of pure emotion; where vocals strike at your heart, the guitar wrenches it, and the drums are its will to keep pumping. 

They have no trouble invoking such strong feelings from their audience. In this display of passion, it’s difficult not to be captivated by The Footlight District’s charm. What I love about this single is that ‘Lightning’ is song brave enough to break out of the mould of everyday life, Instead of fading away into mundanity as The Footlight District are undoubtedly climbing up to the top of alternative stardom, taking over the music of the summer.

‘Lightning’ is sure to last the test of time as it contains instrumental perfection and cleverly thought out lyrics which will forever retain the ability to captivate audiences young and old. 

‘Lightning’ will be blessing your ears on the 09/09 be sure to check it out and show The Footlight District some love!

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