Birdman Cult – ‘Let Me Out’

‘LET ME OUT’ is the latest single since the band’s spring offering ‘Ferryman”. Of the track, frontman Joe explains: 

“Let Me Out’ was born out of a visit to my home town in the North East, feeling  like an outsider in the place that raised me, being reminded of an old version of myself and  realising the impact a place can have on a person. Good or bad, for many there’s an innate want to  leave the place they were born. The song is meant to be an appreciative nod to a town much like a  friend that i’ve outgrown but seems to be on my mind constantly”. 

The origins of the band’s name are complex and mixed. Part named after ‘The Birdman Cult’ an ancient religious sect who inhabited Easter Island who were suppressed and eventually halted  by Christian missionaries in the 1860′. A second influence is the metaphor of the Tangat Manu or  ‘Birdman’, where representatives of native clans would select a prospective champion to retrieve a  seasonal egg from a remote island. The winner would retrieve the much coveted prize, grow their hair  and nails, be lavished with the seasons harvest and never have to want for anything, until the next Tangat Manu was victorious

‘Let Me Out’ will be out on the 15/08 be sure to pre-save this great single!

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