Gathering Of Strangers – ‘Red And Gold’

Ending the week with a couple of fantastic tracks here that are perfect for this heatwave.

The first comes in the form of this sensational new single from Gathering of Strangers.

A band who are probably no strangers to you, the new single ‘Red and Gold’ is a rousing a rousing return for the five-piece. Described by the band as being about “having the time of your life with your lover or your family. Simply dancing from sunset to sunrise all night long”, that sense of sheer elation is palpable across the track’s runtime.

With a smattering of post-pandemic singles under their belt in the forms of ‘Cherry Red’, ‘Naked and Blind’ and ‘Antidote’, the latter of which receiving air-play on BBC Radio 6 Music, Kerrang Radio and XS Manchester. the band’s new single ‘Red and Gold’ looks set to do much the same.

Speaking of their latest release the band stated: “Having come out of the pandemic and not being allowed to go anywhere. We felt this was absolutely necessary to write an upbeat, feel-good track to go hand in hand with this beautiful summer of freedom.”

‘Red and Gold’ will be out on 19/08 be sure to check it out!

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