Deux Furieuse – ‘Bring Down The Government’

 hey readers of Sonic I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine I have got some amazing new music coming your way today and is courtesy of Deux Furieuse with ‘Bring Down The Government’

Crammed with fuzzy riffs and a clamorous punk energy, the duo’s latest single is a searing state-of-the-nation address and a biting critique of those in power. With a pummeling bassline delivered by none-other than Deb Googe of My Bloody Valentine, ‘Bring Down The Government’ fuses frenzied outbursts of feedback-drenched guitars to percussives that twitch and tick like time running out.

“‘Bring Down The Government’ started life as a paranoid riff jam with us jumping on a fuzz box and behind the kit in Vas’s attic to make some noise around the first lockdown. It soon became a musical grenade aimed at the dark heart of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government

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