Myles Newman – You & Me 

Hey readers of Sonic I have got some incredible music to get you through the midweek Blues today it comes in the form of Myles Newman with his new EP You & Me. 

With this E.P. Miles has taken his music to a stage where it has not been before, writing lyrics that reflect on maturing at a young age and family trauma, flipping to comical nonsense and fictional lovers. Myles encases these sometimes sensitive, other times chucklesome words in music that rings of his musical inspiration.

“I’ve tweaked it so much over the years to get it to sound exactly how I want it. Guitar wise I used my ‘79 Fender Strat for everything electric and my uncles ‘81-2 Ibanez acoustic. I didn’t use many pedals but I used a Boss overdrive for slide / lead guitar. It’s not a pedal but I also used an Alesis reverb / delay unit for vocals which sounded pretty sweet. So if you take all that, run through a tape machine and use the pitch control to push the speed and sharpen everything slightly, you should have my sound haha!”

Be sure to check out Myles Newman’s new EP, you wont be disappointed!

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