Rising star Katy Alex releases her new single ‘Sad Songs’ on the lead up to her long awaited Glow EP

June is the month of great music and proof of that is Katy Alex’s new single ‘Sad Songs’ that was released on the 8th June. This continues  her momentous success after ‘Maliblues’ and ‘Glow’, it’s clear that Katy is on a roll on the lead on to her Glow EP release next month. 

Surpassing 250,000 monthly listeners on Spotify is no mean feat for any artist, never mind an independent artist on an independent label. Though previous singles have shown a side to Katy Alex that have a vulnerability, ‘Sad Songs’, is an uplifting song proving that everything will always be ok.

This new single is uplifting, fun, and befitting of Katy’s personality: A reluctancy to be knocked down for too long, and always determined to get back up again and bring those listening with her.

Speaking about the song, Katy said: “Sad Songs is one of my oldest tunes, a special part of me I’ve been saving for the right producer to help bring to life.”

Be sure to check out ‘Sad Songs’ and keep an eye out for Glow by the incredible Katy Alex. 

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