The Winter Code pay tribute to Ireland on their new album “Set The Darkness Reeling”

The Winter Codes are paying homage to their Irish roots with their new album Set The Darkness Reeling, in which they brilliantly conjure the sounds of The Undertones and Bob Dylan. 

Continuously proving to be a greatly talented group of performers, their style is associated with classic Irish folk influences; this album showcases the band’s pure love and devotion for their country. 

In their new lead single Too Sly to Die’, the genre of Irish folk stands out impressively. The dynamics of it are clearly thought out and structured in a captivating and engaging manner. 

“We got the idea to record an EP of five of our songs which then became the Set The Darkness Reeling album.”

The collaborations on this album span across many great minds including Daithi Meila from the Irish/Bluegrass band Jig Jam, folk singer Lisa Loughrey, and engineer Sean Montgomery.

Their new album also serves as a touching tribute to band member Paul Walshe, who tragically passed away ten years ago. With this release, he is immortalised, and a number of the tracks even feature some of his expert musicianship.

Be sure to check out ‘Too Sly to Die’ and show The Winter Codes some love!

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